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Top Dog Properties use the National Landlords Association Tenancy Agreements which are an Assured Tenancy over a fixed term, usually the academic year. We offer a half rent in July and August for new students wanting to move their belongings in from the university and then go home for the summer; then full rent from the first of September until the end of June.

Students in our post grad houses often want to stay on through July and August to do dissertations and this can be arranged.

We ask for a one month deposit when you sign your contract and providing the house is handed back in the same condition it was taken in then deposits will be fully refunded at the end of your tenancy once all the bills have been paid up to date.

Pricing  2016/2017

All rooms are rented at £350 per calendar month ( £80 per week ) ; we have a couple of rooms that are slightly less than that but none that are higher in price than £350pcm( £80 per week ). The bills are not included and our students tell us that bills work out at £10 per week per person so you can add approximately £40 per calendar month onto your rent figure and on average this should cover your bills, so around £90 per week inclusive. Please note that students do not pay Council Tax.

Rent is payable by direct debit on the 1st day of the month.

International Students

We often have a number of international students, from Europe and Asia most commonly. We can do viewings by a face time phone call and arrange contracts by email. We have an international payment facility for deposit payments and enjoy the diversity of foreign students in our houses.

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